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What Is Typography, and Why Is It Important?

Developing brand identity is a long and complex process, but choosing the right font for the company logo is definitely one of the most important steps that will define how your customers perceive your brand. Fonts can influence your audience subconsciously – but how do they actually work?

What is typography?

Typography is the ancient art of arranging written text visually by selecting typefaces (fonts), line lengths, spacing, and point sizes. In branding, typography is used as a vessel for the message that the brand wants to deliver to their audience – a visual representation of what the company stands for, their values and goals.

Fonts can make a brand immediately recognizable just by looking at – like the Captain Morgan font, a retro typeface which is fully free to use in your own designs.

Typography in business: why is it so important?

Fonts and typefaces are a huge part of each brand’s identity, defining their logo and overall visual presentation. Typography conveys the tone of your brand, providing your audience with subtle, often subconscious clues for what your brand stands for, and what they can expect from you. Notice how, for example, the Harry Potter font can be immediately recognized without even having a good look at what it reads, just by looking at the typeface.

All experiences that your customers have with your brand come together to create branding – and typography has a significant part to play in many of these experiences. Whether your viewers see your ads online, on TV, or read a newsletter email, typography can make or break branding.

How to choose the right font for your brand?

There is no single recipe for a successful font – there are both extremely elaborate and painfully simple typefaces that have both achieved massive success in swaying the audience. Take a look at the Barbie logo font: even though it’s extremely simple, it’s so well-recognizable you can immediately tell what it is when looking at it out of the corner of your eye.

A good brand font should, however, be unique, legible, and deeply connected with your brand’s identity. It should leave a lasting impression on your audiences – and should be easy to use across different channels.