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Top 10 Logos that Begin with the Letter “D” and Their Fascinating History

Logos play a pivotal role in establishing brand identity and recognition. They serve as a visual representation of a company’s values, products, and overall ethos. In this article, we will explore the top 10 logos that begin with the letter “D” and delve into their captivating histories.


The Disney logo is known worldwide, featuring the signature cursive “Walt Disney” text with the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. Since its inception, this logo has undergone minor modifications, but it has retained its magical charm and is instantly associated with beloved characters and enchanting storytelling.


Dunkin’ (formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts) boasts a memorable and straightforward logo. The orange and pink color scheme combined with the bold and playful font create an inviting and energetic vibe. It symbolizes the brand’s commitment to delivering delicious coffee and baked goods to millions of people worldwide.

Domino’s Pizza:

The Domino’s Pizza logo underwent a significant redesign in 2012. The iconic blue and red domino tile has been preserved, but the overall logo was modernized to represent the brand’s focus on fast delivery. The three dots in the domino are now stylized to convey speed and efficiency.

DreamWorks Animation:

The DreamWorks Animation logo is instantly recognizable to moviegoers worldwide. It features a young boy sitting on a crescent moon while fishing. The logo has evolved over time, with the boy becoming more prominent and the details refined. It encapsulates the studio’s commitment to imaginative storytelling and captivating animation.

Delta Air Lines:

Delta Air Lines’ logo showcases a bold red triangle, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to reliability and strength. Over the years, the logo has undergone several iterations, with the most recent design featuring a simplified and streamlined red triangle enclosed within a blue circle. This logo represents Delta’s position as a leading airline with a focus on customer service and innovation.


Dropbox’s logo represents simplicity and accessibility. The clean blue box with a white symbol resembling an open box reflects the brand’s cloud storage services. The logo has evolved from a literal box to a more abstract design, emphasizing the company’s evolution and expansion into other collaborative tools.

Deutsche Bank:

Deutsche Bank’s logo is a classic example of minimalism. The blue square with the bold white letter “D” stands for the brand’s global presence, trustworthiness, and financial expertise. The logo underwent a minor redesign in 2019, with the corners of the square softened, adding a touch of modernity.


The Duracell logo has been a constant presence since the 1970s. It features the brand name in bold, uppercase letters, accompanied by a stylized copper-colored bunny. The logo symbolizes Duracell’s long-lasting power, derived from the association with the energetic and durable nature of bunnies.


Dell’s logo has evolved significantly since the company’s inception. The current logo features the company name in lowercase letters, with the “E” forming a distinctive slanted angle. The logo represents Dell’s commitment to innovation, technological advancement, and customer-focused solutions.

DC Comics:

The DC Comics logo is instantly recognizable to comic book enthusiasts. It features the white letters “DC” within a circle, with the word “Comics” below. The logo has gone through several iterations, with the most recent design highlighting the classic simplicity of the letters against a clean background. The logo encapsulates DC Comics’ rich history of iconic superheroes and compelling storytelling.

In conclusion, logos beginning with the letter “D” have a diverse range of designs and captivating histories.